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Naturopathy and Iridology

Naturopathy and Iridology at Swanage Therapy Centre

Naturopathy approaches the body holistically and aims to balance and heal by empowering the body’s strength physically, emotionally and mentally.

The aim of naturopathy is to give the body the right environment to heal itself and enhance the bodily systems to heal, protect and achieve harmonious function of our whole being .

Naturopathic principles were first used by the Greek philosopher Hippocrates who believed in treating the whole person and thus finding the cause of the disease. He also believed that nature would be able to induce a cure.
From this school of thought stem the 6 naturopathic principles which are:

• Do no harm. Naturopaths will not use treatment that may cause other harmful conditions
• The healing power of nature
• Identify and treat the cause, not the symptoms
• Treat the whole person
• Teach the person to enable him/her to take responsibility for their own health
• Prevention of disease

The naturopath threats each person as an individual and assesses the physical, structural, mental and emotional needs.
Education and support are major parts of the treatment.

Iridology is the examination of the iris under magnification.
The iris functions as a map of the body, recording hereditary tendencies and body imbalances and may assists to confirm the possible root cause of a health imbalance.

The practitioner will always involve you in the treatment and together with you , develop a plan to suit your individual health needs.


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