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Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing at Swanage Therapy Centre

This hands-on bodywork is deeply relaxing and ideal for helping clear stress, restoring flexibility and aiding body alignment.
It is an ideal therapy for anybody emerging from the restrictions of the recent lockdown and who are left feeling ‘out of touch’, disconnected from life or unsettled in themselves.

Alan Hext is a senior Zero Balancer in the UK having trained with its creator Dr Fritz Smith since 1983. Alan is author of Structural Energetics in Zero Balancing Bodywork published in 2020 by Singing Dragon and he enjoys teaching Zero Balancing worldwide.

Zero Balancing:

• Gentle stretches are introduced along with held finger pressure using a non-manipulative approach.
• You remain fully clothed during a session, lying comfortably on your back.
• Can help you to return to well-functioning body rhythms such as sleep.
• Zero Balancing gives you the sense of body felt unity familiar to anyone who meditates or practices yoga or internal exercise.

For further information see www.zerobalancing.com or www.zerobalancinguk.org


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