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Back Care Classes at Swanage Therapy Centre with James Bentley – Osteopath

The back care classes utilise rehabilitative exercise primarily from the Pilates method and other physical therapy modalities (such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, and chiropractic) in order to promote good spinal health and general wellbeing.

In class, students are taught how to safely strengthen the core muscles of the spine with minimal stress to the spinal joints and discs. How to gently mobilise the joints of the spine and how to carefully stretch the muscles attuning to the spine effectively and without harm.

The importance of good posture in both sitting and standing is heavily emphasised and safe lifting techniques are taught and encouraged to promote spinal longevity and prevent injury recurrence.

Since the body is one kinetic chain, peripheral joint health (i.e. hip, shoulder, knee etc.) is intrinsically connected to spinal wellbeing. Consequently, peripheral joint stability, flexibility and mobility is also emphasised and taught in back care classes.

The back care classes are split into mat and chair classes. The mat class tends to be more dynamic and involves participants being able to get up and down safely from the floor. The chair classes are still dynamic but tend to be more gentle and are conducted solely from a sturdy chair. The chair classes are aimed at the more senior demographic, especially those who struggle to get up and down from the floor.

Our back care classes are taught by James Bentley, who is a certified osteopath and acupuncturist who has also studied Pilates at the APPI institute (The Australian physiotherapy Pilates instructor).


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